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Want a quality removal service that doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg? Don’t look further than our removalists Canberra services. Ours is a talented, experienced, and motivated team. You can contact us for any type of removal job and we guarantee you that you wouldn’t be disappointed. Our removalists Canberra team require little, if any, supervision or help from you. Therefore, when you pick us for your move, you get to have more time on your hands for other important things, like family, friends, and work. We are as adept in handling house removals as we are in office removals. We also specialize in other removals like furniture, pool table, and piano removal. But this is not all. You can pick our removalists Canberra team for local removals, as well as interstate removals. The most impressive part of hiring us is that you get to choose from many relocation plans. What’s more, if you wish, our removalists Canberra team can also tailor your solution to perfectly meet your needs. This way you’ll be paying only for the services you need and not other things. For instance if your new house is just 1-2 kilometer away, you just require a man with a van service and not the complete door-to-door removal package. Our removalists Canberra team will advise you about the plan that’s best suited for your requirements.

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All You Wanted To Know About Our Range of Services

Did you have a hard time when you previously moved to a new house because of below-par services of the hired removalists Canberra? Then you should give us a try. Our house removal services are highly-sought after because of their premium quality and reasonable pricing. We also provide other removal services. Take a look at all the services we provide.

  • House Removal – Consider us when you are moving to new house if you want to enjoy the best door-to-removal solution. Our removalists Canberra team can also give you customized removal solutions.
  • Office Removal – We have helped many businesses and companies relocate in the past. We can help you, too.
  • Furniture Removal – Many homeowners think moving furniture is a straightforward job and you just have to pack, load, and deliver it. Well, that is not so. A lot of thought goes into furniture removal. You need planning as well as skills because furniture is expensive and heavy. Trust our removalists Canberra staff members to deliver your furniture safely to the new place.
  • Interstate Removals – Do you plan to move far away? For efficient and safe delivery of your things, hire us.
  • Piano Removal – What makes moving the piano a difficult task is that it is heavy as well as delicate. To make matters even more complicated, there are many different types of piano. Therefore, it is necessary to have the know-how to handle all types of pianos. Our removalists Canberra staff has the required knowledge, skills, and experience.
  • Pool Table Removal – Depending on the size and model, a pool table typically weighs 650-900 pounds. So you can imagine loading and delivering it can be complicated. However, you don’t have to worry about anything when you hire our removalists Canberra
  • Man with a van service – This is best suited for people who are moving close-by or want just a few items to be transported over a short distance.

With us you get all kinds of removal services in one place. This means you don’t need to hire different providers for different removal needs. For example, if you want to move to a new house and own a pool table, by hiring us you can ensure the same team does both the jobs.

The Best Customer Service in the Business

Distinguishing features of our top class services:

Customer service is very important in any business, more so in the moving business because here customers are entrusting you with their valuables. Therefore it is important that you are available to them whenever they have any query or concern. It is equally important to share as much information about how you’ll handle their move in advance. Our furniture removalists Canberra team excels on all these parameters. You enjoy the following advantages when you pick us:

Affordably-priced moving services – Our rates are very reasonable. And our service quality is just as good as anybody’s.

Quality vehicles – Our furniture removalists Canberra staff members will use latest removal vehicles to move your stuff.

Fully Insured – All furniture removalists Canberra providers must hold suitable insurance policies. You are more than welcome to ask us to give you a copy of our WorkCover insurance, public liability, or carriers legal liability.

Full-range of relocations services – If you’re based in Canberra, you can trust our furniture removalists Canberra staff to offer you all kinds of relocation services, like furniture relocation, office removal, house removal, interstate, piano removal, pool table removal, or man with a van service.

Our Moving Process Explained

Every flawlessly-executed moving job starts with great planning and detailed, clearly outlined moving process. We pride ourselves on executing every type of removal job, big or small, interstate or local, efficiently and the true reason for our superlative performance is our clearly defined and well balanced moving process, which is made up of these important steps.

  • Inquiry – So you’ve decided you need a movers Canberra team for your relocation? That’s good because this will allow you to have more time at your hand during this period for your family and work. Just fill in the form which you see on our site or pick your phone and dial our number to get a free price quote.
  • Booking – This is the stage where you shortlist us for your relocation and make a formal booking. We recommend you to contact as well in advance to ensure our availability for your move.
  • The big day – Our movers Canberra staff will take care of packing and loading, as well as delivering and unloading if you’ve selected an end-to-end package. Otherwise, we will take care of our responsibilities as listed in the contract. Your stuff will be moved in sophisticated removal vans. When we reach your place, our Canberra Removalists will unload your stuff neatly, so that you’ll have to put in just the minimum effort to arrange things in your new house.
  • Feedback request – We believe our responsibility doesn’t at just delivering items. Canberra Removalists working for us will follow-up with you. The purpose of this follow-up call is two-fold. One, we want to ensure you don’t need any further assistance. Two, we would like you to give us your feedback. You can do so over the phone or by filling a form which we will email you.

Exceptional Removal Canberra Service at Your Doorsteps

Do you want to relocate your pool table or piano from one place to another? Or perhaps you are a small business owner who wants to shift to a new, bigger office? Or maybe you’ve to relocate to a new state because of work? Well, whatever your removal needs may be and whichever place you are relocating to, you can trust our Removals Canberra staff members to do a good job. Each member of our Removals Canberra team undergoes rigorous training, so that they become expert at handling your valuables with due care while loading and unloading them. Our Canberra Removalists are also expert packers. Often this is one aspect of house removal that many homeowners overlook. Packing is a specialist’s job. Of course, you can do it yourself, too—but the results will not be the same. Expert packers in our Canberra Removalists team will ensure that carton space is used optimally and extra precautions are taken while packing delicate items. They will also dismantle heavy items, when applicable, before loading them.

Why Select Us As Your Movers?

With an impressive track record spanning several years, we are among the most trusted names in the house and office removal niche in Canberra, Australia. We specialize in offering quality and reasonably-priced services. Some of the more compelling reasons why you should select us as your go-to removalists Canberra provider are as follows:

  • All kinds of removal solutions under one roof – We not only do house, office, piano, and pool table removals, but we also provide a number of different solutions for each category. And if that wasn’t enough, you can also customize a removal plan to meet your needs.
  • Affordably priced service – You can rest assured that no other accredited company offering a similar service like ours will be able to beat us on price.
  • Experience, professional, reliable – Our staff is professionally trained, highly experienced, and self-motivated. Each of our removalists Canberra specialist has to undergo rigorous training which covers other important aspects as well, besides physical aspects of house and office removal, like customer services, customer support, corporate goals, and company vision.

Great customer service – Our removalists Canberra staff members take care of small things, like answering your queries quickly, and big things, like ensuring your move go exactly as planned, to ensure you’ve an awesome moving experience with us.

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